Coffee Comfort

I love coffee.  Have I told you?  I'm a relatively new to the coffee routine.  I've only been doing just over two years.  I decided with the birth of my son I was going to need some help waking up and getting to work on time.  So I made a commitment and purchased a coffee maker.

Its a Cuisinart BrewCentral and I chose it because of my friend, Carly.  Its all her fault.  I mean, she made wonderful coffee with it, and she said it was because of the coffee maker (plus whole, dairy farm fresh milk doesn't hurt, either).  So I had to have one.  And I love it.

Now, its a part of my daily routine.  Especially on lazy mornings when I don't have to rush off to work.  Coffee is really a comfort for me,  I find drinking a cup of warm goodness relaxes my soul.  Its a treat I can partake in every day.   I like it strong, but with a good dose of creamer added.

Its so important to me, I have its own station in my kitchen.

I got the tray from Target a year or two ago.  I can't remember.  The mugs are a collection from Target, Starbucks, and West Elm.  I really like Starbucks coffee, and I am currently enjoying their blonde roasts.  My collection of syrups/filters/beans are stored in the cabinet above, along with hot chocolate mixes for my hubby.  He's not a coffee drinker, but loves his hot chocolate on cold nights.

Drinking a cup of coffee is stabilizing, despite my hectic life.  Everyday, I have to have a cup.  Some days, its a leisurely activity done lounging about, or relaxing on the back porch listening to birds.  Other days, its a quick Doubleshot downed in the car speeding to work.  Either way, its my pick-me-up and instant mood lifter.  Its the little things in life that I find joy in.

What motivates you in the morning?  Is coffee your alarm clock?  What's your favorite "little thing"?


A.D. McGregor said...

reading this and realizing the sleep deprivation ahead of me this makes me kind of want to try coffee, just to see if I like it now or if it will help me focus. At the same time, I like saying I'm not a coffee drinker.

Carly said...

Thanks for the shout out. We have that exact same model...we bought a new one when we moved, and Cam uses it every day. I mostly use the french press now, though. I like your coffee station, I need to make one.

mme said...

Drew--I know what you mean, I've always leaned to coffee more than you, but it only became a habit because I NEEDED the caffine. Don't get me wrong, I doctor it up with plenty of creamer and sometimes flavored syrup. I'm not the drink it black kind of person, yet.

Carly-- Are you turning into a fancy coffee drinker? You can't be the snobby type.