I feel like its been ages since I blogged.  So much has happened, I don't even know where to start.

We are in the the new house.  Its still a mess.  It might be a mess forever.  There is no deadline to have it unpacked and organized by.  No landlord that will want to show it, no impending move, no place to put the junk I shouldn't have moved in the first place.  It still feels weird to own my home and know we will live hear for as long as we want to.

Part of me wants to take this time to slowly savor the moments of making our first house our home.  I should be making memories for my children.  How I decorate and organize things will be how they remember their childhood here.  Plus, we plan on staying here for a while, so I don't want any "quick fixes".  I want to pay for furniture once.  I want the rooms to evolve and now have to be replaced or re-done.  Does that make sense?

However, there is the impatient side of me that wants it all done now.  I don't like living with a room (or three) full of boxes and belongings in disarray.  I don't like bare walls and unused space going to waste.  And I really want to go shopping for all the furniture I've pinned on Pinterest.

My mind is distracted with the two thoughts and I can't concentrate.  So I haven't really done much.  Which I guess is a good thing, considering we've had some unexpected expenses lately.  We purchased a new gas stove to replace the electric one (planned expense) as our first major upgrade to the house.  Had to have it installed by a plumber for larger than expected cost (unplanned).  Internet service needed to be installed in new construction house (planned expense), new modem not able to communicate with router resulting in the internets breaking, house calls, and a new router purchased (unplanned expense).  Detecting a crack in the radiator while getting oil changed in the family car, another unplanned expense.  Do you see a pattern here?  I can go on.  Our cell phones intermittently work at the new house, so we are probably going to have to switch carriers when our contract is up in a few months, or get a land line.  We haven't received forwarded mail yet, the dryer is off balance, and the garbage disposal wasn't hooked up.  It's been a rough few weeks and the stress of moving makes little things feel worse than they actually are.  In another week or two, hopefully things will calm down and our house will start to come together.

Tell me, what have you been up to the last few weeks?


Carly said...

We had a delay in our mail forwarding, too...we moved a month ago, just started getting mail a week ago. But, rest assured, it came.

Also, I've had to deal with bad cell phone reception as well...if you are willing to spend the hours and multiple calls with your service provider, you can talk them into giving you a box that boosts your signal using your internet...it actually works pretty well. You have AT&T right? It's called a MicroCell, with them. Just threaten that you'll leave, especially if you're only months away from your contract expiring, and they should give it to you free of charge and with no monthly fee.

mme said...

We have Sprint and my parents have a similar thing since they have bad reception, too, but it hasn't worked out very well for them. As for the mail thing, we are supposed to get in 10 days, which was yesterday. So maybe today is our lucky day?

Carly said...

Yeah, it was over a week after the 10 days when we started getting mail. I even called the USPS, not that it did any good.

Mom and dad have one with Sprint, in middle of nowhere MO, where there is no reception, haha. Theirs works fine. Maybe it just depends.

Rachael said...

Totally relate! I think it's great you're taking your time and making sure things are done right! Beautiful home!! It will be fun to decorate on little corner at a time!

mme said...

Thanks, Rachael!