The New Place, Tour, part 1

Wanna see my house?  I'm warning you, its a mess.  We still have a way to go, but I'm operating on the "I have the rest of my life" time frame.

Ok, here is the Dining Room.  Actually, its the box/junk/Idon'twannadealwiththis room.  You like?

My Laundry room.  Functional, but not cute.  That I can change in time, maybe in a few years.

Powder room.  Kid-friendly, guest friendly, and I love it.  It could still use some art, eventually. 

But I love my rug.  A clearance find a Target.  I love it.  It's art enough for the room at the moment.

Family Room.  I told you, its a mess.  The kids are napping and I wanted to snap pictures before someone decides to wake up.  I'm working on having a no-toys-downstairs rule.  Hubby thinks I'm crazy.

Don't you love how hubby's chair directly faces the TV?

Ok, the the real disaster, the kitchen.

I just don't know where to put some stuff.  I'm afraid to put it "just somewhere" and it end up living there for months or years and never have a proper, organized home.  Are you getting a sense of how neurotic I am?  My desire to have things clean and organized is nearly paralyzing me.  Kind of ironic.  Anyone else deal with that?

Well, I'm off to clean the old place and magic erase scribble marks off the walls.  Wish me luck.


Carly said...

Good luck! I absolutely love your new place!

Peggy said...

The house is looking great and the family room is really warm. I know it is overwhelming but it can be done. Don't get in a rush to put up pictures or be set with the furniture arrangement. Also I think you bedroom is great. Add some color in pictures and pick it up. A bigger bed may make it look smaller. <3