Sticking to the Budget

What's better then sticking to your budget?  Doing it in style.  As you may remember from previous posts (here and here) Hubby and I strive to operate on a mostly cash budget, utilizing an envelope system.  While the system works well, paper envelopes do not.  We also tried a small plastic accordion  folder, but didn't have success with that either.  Thank goodness for the internets.  I found an awesome solution on Etsy and took the plunge.

This is the carrying case.  Don't you love the gray and yellow?

This is the interior.  It is lined with a thicker cloth and feels rather substantial.

.....And of course the envelopes.  I love that they are all different patterns.  The seller pre-printed the category labels for me.  The zipper pouch is for coins.  We have been using these envelopes for over a month and I LOVE them.  Hubby can just take one or two envelopes and leave the rest at home.  He actually prefers that method since he thinks the carry-case is too girly.

If you are the crafty type, I'm sure you could make this easily.  I am not.  It is my first purchase from Etsy and I am incredibly pleased.  (link to seller here.)

What do you think?  Any Etsy addicts?  Would your Hubby carry this around?

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