March Birchbox

On my Princess' birthday I also received a present.  My March Birchbox came!  The boxes usually ship by the 10th of the month, however I must have been on the top of the list to actually get is on the 10th.  I'm not complaining, in fact I was really excited.  Anyway, here are my goodies:

It's a bright, cheery, green box.  It feels very spring to me.

Shampoo and hand soap.

Green Tea blotting papers, bright orange nail polish, and a smokey eye shadow trio.

Green detox tea.

I haven't tried anything yet.  Honestly, I was busy with party and guests, then work stuff.  I really want to break out that nail polish and give myself a pedicure.  It was 80 degrees the other day and I need to get sandal ready.  What do you do to get ready for spring?

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