Packing Up

As you have figured out by now, we are moving again in a month.  Our closing date is less then a month away, although we won't have free time or help to move the big stuff until April.  Meanwhile, I should be packing up and organizing my house contents.  The problem is, I have no motivation.  I just went through this a year ago.  That move was well planned; I started packing 6 months before the truck came.  I had everything planned out to the date.

Not this time.

I am excited to be in the new house, but I'm secretly waiting for the moving fairy (have you heard of her? She's related to the dish fairy) to wave her wand and make my stuff appear in boxes.  Organized boxes.  To be honest, I'm a bit overwhelmed.  The last move also was a result of a major purging.  We didn't want to move things we didn't need or love across the country.  Now, I'm moving 20 minutes away.  It doesn't have the same motivation, plus I can't re-buy stuff I don't want to move.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Any encouragement?  I'm not begging for help, I'm just genuinely overwhelmed and need to get my rear-end in gear.


Carly said...

http://www.ted.com/talks/graham_hill_less_stuff_more_happiness.html this is what inspired me in my last purge. Like you said, only stuff I need or love. Haha.

mme said...

interesting talk. I am kinda thinking along the same lines...only have and buy stuff I really love so I only buy once.

A.D. McGregor said...

Start by packing non essentials. Things like seasonal decorations and clothing, extra linens, you're 'fancy' plates, etc. This can help you keep things organized and tidy.

You might also think about packing up media that you don't regular consume, CDs, books, videos, dare I say a few toys too ... whatever you can. I know the stress of moving too. I've done it five times in the last 3.5 years. For me it has always been easiest to do a little bit each day. Since you know you only have a month, you can really pare down things and learn to live without them for such a short time. Maybe you only allow yourself 5 pairs of shoes -- and pack the rest. You'll only wear two or three different pieces of jewelry, pack the rest. Etc. It works and helps you get a few things done. Plus, it's exciting for both you and the kids to be able to wear/play with, etc. things that you've given up for a month. Kind of like lent!

Good luck!

mme said...

do you think I have alot of shoes? I'll let you know I really only wear two to three pairs of shoes these days, black work shoes, pink flats, and blue slippers. I think most of the seasonal stuff is still packed, but thanks for the tips!

Peggy said...

I will be there the 23rd to help you pack and I have had lots of practice. At that time I will pack everything, no purging when I am there you can purge later. I will promise to work hard if I can walk of the beach each night ! <3