Fixing Stupid

Have you ever done something stupid?  Over ten years ago (I think) I opened up a store credit card.  A Gap card.  I loved the Gap.  And I thought it was a great way to save money on clothes.  Buy now, pay later.  Earn reward points to use on future purchases.  The catch?  In order to redeem the points you must use your Gap card.  It was a vicious cycle.  For the most part, I was responsible and paid of the balance every month.  However, at some point I decided I didn't NEED to pay it off every month.  I'll just pay half now, and the rest next month.  I bet you know how the story goes.  In no time, I had a balance I wasn't proud of.  I stopped spending on the card close to two years ago, yet it wasn't until the last six months that I got serious about paying it off.  This month, I made the last payment.  It feels amazing.  AMAZING.  I paid it off ahead of schedule.  One stupid mistake now corrected.  Please don't make the same mistake I did.

Now, I have two cars and three student loans left.  The hefty balances.  My payment calculator estimates I'll be done in 2019 and that feels forever away.  I'm sticking with my stressful job in hopes of making a big dent in our debt.  My dream is to be able to work part-time (or at least 32 hours per week) once my student loans are paid off.  Its good to have dreams, they help motivate you.


Carly said...

Good for you! If it makes you feel better, I won't have my student loans paid off til about then, either. Haha.

Peggy said...

Keep chipping away at the debt. Each bill not there is win win ! So glad that you got that knocked off you list. Setting goals and sticking to it is the key. So proud of you. Keep the 32 hours in your sites and it will happen !