Princess Turns Four

This past weekend was a momentous occasion, Princess had a birthday.

It didn't start off so well.


 My baby girl didn't sleep the night before or all day.  She had a slight fever and congestion.  Poor honey didn't know what to do.  We babied her by watching TV all day with occasional breaks to play the iPad.  She didn't sleep very well Friday night, but at least she slept some.  By Saturday, she had most of her energy back.

We had a birthday lunch a local pizza/game zone place.  She had a blast, and of course I left the camera in the car.  You will just have to imagine her running around with her uncles in tow from game to game.

After pizza, we headed home for cake, specifically cake pops.

 The presentation isn't perfect, but they were delicious and my daughter loved them.  Its a win in my book.

A dozen balloons were a nice surprise.   (they are tied to the chair)

We sang "Happy Birthday" and Princess sang it two more times.  She really likes to sing.

Of course we opened presents.  Both kiddos really enjoyed it this time.

After destroying my living room, it was time for one more present.

First, a lovely blue hat.

She absolutely loved her new bike.  And of course she was adorable trying to ride it.

She had lots of help with Daddy, Papa, and two uncles to rally behind her.

She loved her blue helmet so much she wanted to wear it the rest of the evening.  By the end of the weekend she figured out how to pedal herself.  I think she enjoyed her birthday weekend.

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Jennifer said...

Aww, so glad she got to feeling better for her party! The cake pops looks delicious too! BTW - I'm back up and running. www.runningnheels.me