2014 begins....

Wow, its been quite a year.  I've barely blogged, yet life has been full.  I have missed blogging, nevertheless, I am always able to come up with an excuse.

The last year has been an eventful one, although its painfully obvious I haven't documented it.  Here's a recap:

January: tried to blog, failed miserably. Also, I cut my hair, from middle of my back to bob length!

February: started working solely at one store.  I love having a set schedule, but the 12 hour days are hard on the body and soul.  The pharmacy isn't overtly hectic and I am able to form relationships with my patients.  It takes a while, but by the end of the year I experience some really sweet bonds.  Who knew some of these customers had something to teach me and help me out personally as well.

March: my Princess turned five!  My brother and sister-in-law visited!

April:  we got a dog, I think.  Maybe we got him in March.  Anyway, his name is Duncan and he is a Collie.  We got him for two reasons, Hubby has always wanted a dog and I promised we could get one once we moved to South Carolina, owned a house, and had a fenced in yard.  Also, because Princess is terrified of dogs and we wanted to help her overcome it.

May:  I can't think of anything terribly eventful.  I did yardwork?  Went to the beach.

June: Princess graduated from Preschool! Also, traded our Versa in for a Forrester.  A tiny car felt smaller with two kiddos and a growing dog.  And Hubby got a sun roof, its the small things, right?  Oh, and Chipotle came to Myrtle Beach!

July:  Hubby turned 31.  Family trip to Greensboro to visit the in-laws and more beach time.  I worked on house projects (painting living room, spray painting coffee table, you know, fun stuff)  Pay off a student loan!

August:  This month was difficult.  Princess started Kindergarten.  We chose to send her to a Catholic school, but that didn't turn out to be a good fit.  We knew she had a speech delay, but didn't realize how severe until school started.  Cue lots of emotions, testing, questions, fears, etc.

September: Evaluations continue for A.  I reduce my hours at work.  We eventually pull her out of school after a morning observation.  It was a parents nightmare.  Thank God my husband and I are a united front with our children, I don't know what I would do without him.  I may blog more about this, as I can't go into much detail here.  I also turn 32.  We also adopt a cat, Oscar.  Its another story worth its own post.

October:  We continue to homeschool and have A evaluated to see what her special needs are, if any.  Luckily, we have some counsel from one of my patients who is a retired teacher.  God really looks out for us.  Kiddos dress up at Superman for Halloween.  Both of them. Another haircut and color change. Sometimes your outward appearance it the only thing you can change in your life.

November: Handsome turns four!  He is obsessed with dinosaurs and sharks and cars.  A's evaluations are complete.  We decided to keep her in preschool for another year and enroll her in a Child Development Preschool in our district.  She receives Speech Education at school and turns into another child.  She blossoms.  Spend Thanksgiving at my Parents house.  Breathe a sigh of relief.

December:  Its a whirlwind of a month.  Finally settle into a school routine with A and see steady improvement.  We still have a ways to go, but know we are on the right track.  Enjoy vacation time from work and tackle a few more house improvements (more painting, room re-arranging)  We celebrate Christmas twice and my children are beyond blessed, spoiled?  I might need to place limits on gifts, seriously.

This year my children were my blessing and my pain.  Parenting is more difficult with each passing year, yet still holds great rewards.  Some days they are the only thing that keeps me going.

A enjoyed riding her bike in the neighborhood.  We had some special times, riding just the two of us.  It was the first experience I had of enjoying something together and not just doing some for her enjoyment.  She loves Duncan and Oscar.  She also enjoys drawing, dressing as a Princess, and playing video games.

H has lived the year of the dinosaur.  He has watched some many documentaries on Netflix he sometimes speaks with a British accent.  We have to remind him he is a little boy and boys don't growl or crawl on the ground.  He also loves sharks and race cars.  He also is learning to ride a bike and enjoys riding with Daddy and Duncan.

2013 has been a roller coaster of a year.  I can't imagine what 2014 will hold.

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