What comes first?

Ok, so operation "find a new job" is underway.  I am relieved to have hubby on board and we have come up with a tentative plan on how to proceed.  I mean, a really loose idea that could change any moment.  Problem is, now we have sooooo many options its almost terrifying.

We have determined we will probably have to move.  There really aren't any viable options in our current city.  That, coupled with other factors, has led us to search out relocation options.  Here is our wish list:

  1. Close to family.  Both our parents are 3-4 hours away.  We would like to be closer, maybe in the middle?  Or in the same town as one set?  Our parents are only going to get older and it is a priority for us to be close enough to provide care for them.  Plus, there is the free baby-sitting.....
  2. Large-er size city.  I am a city girl at heart, I like being close to shopping, entertainment, good schools, etc.  I want an easy commute.  Plus, hubby may eventually go back to work and we need job opportunities close by for him and me if I need to change again....
  3. Better schools for the kiddos.  They aren't *horrible* here, but need to be at least as good if not a better opportunity for the kids.
  4. Laws and regulations governing my current job are ridiculous.  Those vary from state to state and even if I find another job in another city within the current state, I'll still have to deal with the frustrating laws and consequences.  I don't intentionally break the law, but I feel the ones out there are making it difficult to focus on the people I am here to help.  Instead, I'm more often forced to spend the majority of my time on those that are trying to skirt the system and abuse medications.  I just want to help people, not be a cop/detective/shrink.
And that's it.  See, its really not that specific, so there are plenty of options.  We've pretty much narrowed it down to Charlotte, Greensboro, or Raleigh.  The next part is where I am having the most difficulty.  I need a job.  We don't want to move until A is done with school.  So that puts us to June.  I need to get licensed in NC before I can get a job.  Plus, we need to sell our house. Timing the logistics of all those things is daunting.  So what do I do first?  Getting a new license can take a few months, so obviously I need to get started on that.  But should I start applying for other jobs even though my license isn't completed?  Isn't it understood that I will have an active license in the state I am to work?  Should I just add that to the cover letter?  I don't think we will put our house on the market until I have a job offer; to me that makes the most sense.  I don't want the house to sell before we move and not have a place to live before A finishes the school year.  I could just try to transfer with my current company and then find a new job once we move.  Then, we could just plan on moving this summer and the kids settled before a new school year.  But I really don't like my current position.  See where I am torn?  Plus, I'm not telling anyone I work with of my plans.  Not until I have something more concrete planned out.  Does that make sense?  I should give them more than two weeks notice, especially if I am transferring within the company, but I don't think they need 6 months.

It helps to write it all out.  I realize most of you reading probably don't care one way or another.  Its a lot to think about, especially since the decisions I make affect more people than just me.  Last time we moved, we just had to worry about finding a new place to rent.  I transferred within the same company and we were renting to begin with.  We had to pay rent for two places for two to three months, but we were able to budget for that.  Now, we have to add in selling a house, finding a new house, plus figuring out schools, in addition to a new job.  My mind is spinning.

The good news is that I'm excited.  My job is slightly more tolerable since I *think* I have an end in sight.  I love to dream and I'm dreaming of a new, better life.  I know I need to be thankful for the life that's right in front of me, but I am eager to make it better for my family.  Honestly, I haven't been that happy since moving here.  And for the first time in three years, I have hope that may change.

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