Oscar came into our lives on Sept 20, 2013.  He was an unexpected surprise, but just what our family needed at that time.

The month leading up to Oscar's arrival was VERY eventful.  A had started school and the evaluation process to get her qualified for speech services.  She also began asking for an "orange kitty".  Whenever we would visit a pet store, she always wanted to look at the cats for adoption, specifically looking for an orange one.  While taking our other cat,  Coco, to the vet for her check up, I inquired about rescue cats.  They said they would call if an orange kitten was turned in to them.

The week prior to Oscar was very trying.  A's school had called and emailed.  She was refusing to eat her lunch at school.  She was reported to be disruptive in class, the school wanted her evaluated for Autism.  We had heard enough.  My husband went to school to observe the class, teacher, etc.  It was not pretty.  Our daughter was separated from the other students.  Her desk placement did allow her to view the teacher.  The other students shunned her.  She was completely unlike her self, did not eat, did not play, sought ways to leave the room.  She had checked out.  It was devastating for my husband to watch.  We were both in agony, because we knew our daughter did not have the speech and language  capacity to tell us what was happening.  She couldn't say the kids were mean, or she couldn't see the teacher.  She didn't know how to ask for help.  She did not return to school the next day.  We made an appointment with our pediatrician to seek more guidance and drafted a letter to withdraw her from school.  My husband and I were sick.  We felt we failed our daughter as parents.

The morning of the 20th, we took A to the doctor.  We briefly explained what had been going on over the last few months and wanted her opinion.  We received a referral to a developmental pediatrician and hope that we may get answers.  We left optimistic.  While we were out, the Vet's office called.  Someone had brought in an abandoned orange kitten.  It needed a home, were we interested?  Well, of course!  We drove down to take a look.  A and I went in to check out the kitten.  And oh-mi-gosh, my child was beside herself with glee!  "An orange keetee!" she cried. There is no way she could smile any wider.  I about cried myself.  After the emotional week, here was my daughter, still full of joy and excitement.  We took the little orange kitty home, and A chose the name Oscar.  She loves him and he tolerates her.  September 20 was also my birthday, so in a way, the joy he brings my Princess is my birthday gift.

Funny how I wrote this a few days ago, and now Oscar hasn't come home in 24 hours.  He usually doesn't stray to far, but we had a really warm day and didn't think too much of it.  Now a cold front is coming through and we are starting to get worried.  We've done the walk around the neighborhood calling for him a few times.  Keep him in your prayers because I know A would be devastated if he doesn't come home.

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