Clock with Wings

Tomorrow morning we take my daughter to meet her teacher.  Her kindergarten teacher.  I'm feeling a bit nostalgic tonight as I think about what that's going to mean for the family.  As I type the word, "family" I'm struck by how foreign of a concept that still feels to me.  I suppose I have been using that term for the last five years in a possessive sense instead of a collective one, nevertheless it still sounds and feels foreign.  Am I really far enough in life to have my own family?  Obviously, I am.  And one of the family members is starting kindergarten in a few weeks.

She is ecstatic, and I am thrilled that she is.  I hope the enthusiasm continues.  She's been asking to go all summer; and instead we learned about "Summer vacation" and how "Fall is after Summer.  She was worried, because she didn't want to get hurt, so we had to explain Fall as a season and not a result of tripping.  Parenting is a funny thing.  You find yourself explaining things you haven't questioned in a million years.

Our school supplies are mostly purchased, school uniform hanging in the closet, and there is a stack of forms waiting for the adults to fill out.  My Princess was beaming as she went to bed, fully aware of the big event in the morning.  Its Tuition Day at St Michael's, and the Kindergartners get to see the classroom, meet the Teacher, and hopefully meet a few friends before the first day.  The parents get to write checks, turn in forms, and in my case, pry the child out of the classroom with a promise she will return in two weeks.  I suppose I will blink again and the school year will be over? Is that how this will continue to work?

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