Cheap High

House updates seem to have gone a bit slow this winter.  I suppose its the holidays and the obligations that go along with it.  Winter weather by nature is a bit dreary and that always seems to suck the energy out of my.  We had a few nice days this last week, and coupled with two days off in a row in the middle of the week, I found myself ready to tackle a few projects.

For me, painting a room instantly personalizes a space and elevates my mood.  It might just be the paint fumes (even thought I prefer to buy low-voc) but I feel instantly happy afterwards.  I chose to paint Handsome's room and the dining room.  We did both in two days.  I am thrilled with the results.  Baby boy's room received a coat of navy blue paint.  It looks great with his white bed, but I probably won't show you the results until I get a few more details worked out.  The dining room was painted the same gray as our master bedroom (Benjamin Moore Gray Wolf).  I knew I wanted gray in there and thought I might pick out a different one, but why change what you know you like?  So I bought another gallon.  I've been bitten by the bug and want to paint everything in sight, I'm sure that will change once I work another twelve hour day or two, then I'll be tired again and return to longing on the couch and stalking Instagram.  At least that's what my hubby is hoping for.  He hates painting.

What about you?  Anyone else have a a rush of energy when the weather perks up?  Or do you hate painting as much as my hubby?

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