Everyday is a Princess Day

My daughter is going through the "princess" phase.  I find it absolutely adorable.  It's only fitting since her nickname has been Princess from day one.  Anyway, she has princess dresses in just about every color and cycles through them throughout the day.

She rides her bike in a pink princess dress adorned with flowers.

She has Hello Kitty sparkle shoes to complete the look.

She needed an Elsa dress and an Anna dress from Target.  We had to visit them before I finally caved and purchased them.

The ladybug dress "flew away" aka got thrown away because it was disintegrating.

Fortunately, Princess dresses are "at home wear" and aren't worn to school or running errands.

Sunday was a scorcher, so she and her brother were playing in the backyard in a small plastic pool.  Previously, they had been drawing with sidewalk chalk on the back porch and needed to take a "bath" to wash off the chalk dust.  A realized the chalk would dissolve in the water (she's been in trouble for doing this before).  So, of course, she chose a new glitter chalk (obviously it was pink) to experiment with.  She swirled it around in the water making pretty patterns before dunking herself in the pool.

Why, might you ask?  To be glittery and sparkly of course.  Princesses are sparkly in case you didn't know.

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