Blue Diamonds

I don't get to tuck my kids in bed every night, but when I do we have a sweet tradition. About a year ago, we started saying goodnight prayers.  At first, I would pray and thank God for my child, and we would pray for our family, grandparents, etc.  I did this individually with each child.  Gradually, I would have the child repeat me, and now Princess will pray own her own with minimal prompting.  Handsome still needs some help.  We primarily thank God for family members and pets.  Occasionally, we will pray for healing or to be brave.  My intention is to have them be comfortable talking to God and to learn about being thankful.

Recently, I have started asking the kids what they are thankful for.  This might have started around Thanksgiving (for obvious reasons) but we have continued it.  Of course, they needed prompting at first, and I often give an example for what I am thankful for. Usually, grandparents and Daddy top the list.   I think I may have been mentioned once.  But this is what I love the best.  I never know what they are going to say.  Last week, Handsome what thankful for orange juice.  And milk.  He is ofter thankful for dinosaurs, and last night he was specific with which ones (terrasaurs, i think.  probably not even spelling that right)  Princess is also thankful for orange juice, kittens, peanut butter, and most recently, blue diamonds.  Yes, that's right, LARGE blue diamonds, specifically.

Me too, girl.  Me too.

Ok, so the disclaimer is that I DO NOT have a blue diamond.  I can only dream.  But Princess loves watching "The Rescuers" and has seen it a million times.  She adores Penny.  My Princess likes to wear "penny tails" and wants to find the blue diamond so she can be 'dopted and have a family.  So while, I assure Princess she already has a family that loves her, she still wants to find the blue diamond.  Oh, and Princess pretends her Winnie the Pooh is Teddy. Haven't seen "The Rescuers" lately?  I can fill you in.

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