Birthday Girl

Another year has gone by and my daughter finally decided she didn't want to grow up! Yay!  No kidding.  As I tucked her in bed I asked if she was excited for her birthday and turning six, and she replied with "No, five".  I held up six and fingers and she pushed the sixth finger down!  Finally!  My little girl will stay little forever!

While she isn't thrilled about being six, she did enjoy her party.  This is the first birthday party we hosted with classmates.  A is finally putting enough words together to respond to questions, so we were actually were able to have her input on what she wanted for her party.  Her choice was to go swimming....at the beach.  haha, Little One.  While we are in the South, it still isn't warm enough for swimming in early March.  Although I have no doubt A would try if given the chance.  Instead, we settled on an afternoon at Chik-fil-A.  Three classmates plus a few siblings joined us for playtime and chicken nuggets, plus ice cream and cupcakes.  They donned striped party hats and ate off Angry Birds plates.  Apple juice and lemonade were the beverages of choice.  And we can't forget about the jumping and dancing with Mrs Cow.  The meltdowns were minimal and the joy was palpable.

A is the oldest of her classmates, and all had speech and language difficulties.  Nevertheless, it was apparent the kiddos were happy to see each other and share this experience.  They communicated with each other the best they could and they got it.  They accepted each other where they were at.  It was an amazing lesson to watch.  I'd say we had a good day.

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