So there must be a seven step process with coming to terms with job hunting.  Kinda like the same process one goes through when quitting smoking or dealing with grief.

I've been through the fear-of-starting stage and I overcame that.  I made a choice to really start looking and create a resume.  I spoke to family/friends and wore everyone out.  But actually make the choice was exhilarating, liberating.  I got an emotional rush.

I think I had a sub stage or something about possibly moving. I couldn't find any good leads for a local position so I had to come up with another plan. Got hubby on board, spoke to the family, and actually drove around to possible locations to scout them out. It was fun to dream.

Suddenly, moving seemed terrifying.  Its a lot of work; plus trying to time starting a new job, selling a house, and kids school schedules seems impossible.  I spoke to a contact about a local job that might work, but it turns out she quit that facility.  And she wouldn't recommend me going in to it, it was that bad.  So while I appreciate her candor, it was disappointing.  She told stories of colleagues that can't find jobs or are spending months and also have to move.  So then I became depressed.  I don't really want to go through the stress or expense of moving, but I might really have to.  Plus, the job market is difficult and I'm in a part of the country where I still don't have a lot of contacts.  So while I have been throwing myself a pity party I've come to terms that the actual timeline of events might be messy.

So, I am also facing the choice again, how bad is it for me to really change jobs?  I really want to do something different.  I need a change.  This whole process is teaching me patience on a new level.  I can't go buy a new job, or new work environment.  I can't ask someone to buy my house and it be done the next day. This part of life is definitely a dance, and I'm unfamiliar with my partner.

Ok, that's three stages, right?  I wonder how many more before the end?  Anyone else know which stage is next?

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