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Ok, so I love cosmetics.  I enjoy fixing my hair, trying out makeup, tweaking my morning routine.  I want to feel my best, but look like I didn't try too hard.  I think that's a bit challenging.  Have you noticed beauty products are expensive?  I am forever frustrated by purchasing a product, trying it, only to discover that it doesn't work.  Or its not the right color, it gives me a rash, or causes my face to break out.  I like to experiment, but not the price tag that comes along with buying products.  Not to mention the clutter it can bring.

Fortunately, I discovered Birchbox a few years ago.  Its a subscription service (like a magazine) that sends you curated beauty samples once per month.  Most are small sample size products, although occasionally there is a deluxe or full size product.  I've sampled skincare products, hair care, fragrance, make-up, and even candy!  I love how I've learned which brands and products work for me, what is worth splurging on versus what I can save.

About a year ago, I was introduced to face oil.  I think I even blogged about it.  Despite my initial reluctance, it has become a product I can't live with out.  So that initial product I did end up purchasing.  It lasted quite a while, but now its no longer available on the Birchbox website, and I'm having a hard time swallowing the price tag.  I tried a few other facial oils, even plain coconut oil, but they just weren't the same.  Until I found Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil.

I love it so much.  It works just as well as the other, plus its less expensive! (and more in the bottle)
I put it on every morning after I shower and at night after I wash my face.  I still follow up with eye cream and moisturizer, especially in the winter.  On days I don't wear make up, this is all I do to my face.  I love how my skin instantly feels soft and moist, but not greasy.  It evens my skin tone and doesn't cause breakouts.  In fact, I think it helps keep breakouts at bay.  If there is one thing I put on my skin every day, this is it.

Have you tried face oils?  What beauty product is your must have?

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