Wish List

Two babies in bed, plus one big kid, equals mommy alone time.  This afternoon, I am choosing to spend it working on my moving wish list.  No dishes, vacuuming, or bathroom cleaning for me. (That's what honey-do lists are for, right?) 
Anyway, we have a housing wish list.  Mostly me.  I know you are dying to know what it is, so I'll kindly share. 
  • Three bedrooms, two bathrooms
  • Townhouse or single family
  • under 1000/month
  • central location--or close to where I will be working if I'm not floating.
That's not to picky, right? So here is the wishing part.
  • hard surface floors (wood, tile etc)
  • washer and dryer included
  • updated kitchen
  • two car garage
  • lease starting in the middle of the month
It feels good to have it listed out.  We are praying to find this perfect place in May and sign papers, pay deposit, etc.  Meanwhile, I'm stalking craig's list and any other long term rental site I can find.  Will you pray with me? Please share this with friends and pray in agreement with my family that we will find the housing option the Lord has chosen for us.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

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This is songreat !